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When Should You Go to an Emergency Dentist?

When you’re facing a dental emergency, it can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when it comes to finding a qualified emergency dentist on such short notice.

Some people avoid dentists or doubt that their predicament warrants an emergency appointment during urgent situations like these.

However, not seeing a dentist when you’re experiencing a true emergency can threaten your health and cause permanent damage to your mouth.

Check out these dental emergencies to learn when you need professional help.

Emergency dentist


You Have Severe Tooth Pain

Severe toothaches can hint at more significant dental issues. They can indicate tooth decay, and if you are in persistent excruciating pain, you need to see an emergency dentist as quickly as possible.

Addressing it right away will allow your dentist to identify any possible infections and get to the root of the problem before additional damage happens.

You Have an Infection

A tooth infection, or abscess, can occur anywhere in the mouth. Untreated abscesses can cause serious health problems and spread the infection to different parts of the mouth and body.

If caught in the early stages, an emergency dentist will drain the abscess, get rid of the infection, and possibly save your tooth with a root canal. Otherwise, it will need to be pulled.

Some common symptoms of a tooth abscess include:

  • Swelling in your cheeks and face
  • Fever
  • Pulsing tooth pain
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Teeth sensitivity

If you experience any combination of these symptoms, you should contact a reputable emergency dentist right away before the situation gets any worse.

You Have a Broken Tooth

Fractured teeth are a serious dental emergency. This type of injury is most often due to incidents like car accidents and sports injuries. When you break your teeth, it is a harrowing, painful experience.

Serious injuries can result in the exposure of dentin and pulp. If this happens, you will need immediate treatment to remedy the fracture. An emergency dentist will use sedatives to reduce oral pain and may decide to extract the tooth.

Your Tooth Has Been Knocked Out

When you lose your permanent teeth (tooth avulsion), you need to see an emergency dentist as quickly as possible. This is because there’s limited time from the moment your tooth leaves its socket to reimplant it successfully.

A good rule of thumb is to seek treatment within an hour of the avulsion. You can make things much easier for your dentist by:

  • Only handling the part of the tooth that’s typically exposed
  • Cleaning the tooth with water or milk
  • Re-inserting the tooth, if possible, and holding it in place

Doing these things and being careful not to introduce bacteria to the tooth can increase the likelihood of successful re implantation.

Emergency Dental Procedures

Depending on the type of emergency you’re experiencing, your dentist will educate you on the services available to you. The most common emergency dental treatments offered are root canals, fillings, tooth extractions, and crowns.

Root Canals

Root canals treat the center of the tooth, the most sensitive area. Your dentist may recommend this procedure if they determine the center to be inflamed, infected, or badly decayed. They’ll make this decision based on severity and x-ray scans.

Emergency dental procedures


Tooth decay and broken or cracked teeth are reasons why composite fillings are offered as emergency dental services. This procedure prevents further decay of the tooth and wards off infection. It can also improve the appearance of your teeth.

Tooth Extractions

When preserving your tooth would cause further damage to your health, your dentist will opt for a tooth extraction. Your emergency dentist will permanently remove the tooth from its socket, and you will have the option of leaving the space empty or replacing it with a bridge or implant.


Crowns support weakened, cracked, and broken teeth. These porcelain pieces fit right over your existing tooth, typically in combination with other dental procedures like bridges and root canals.

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