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Shelby Township Invisalign® Treatment

Invisalign is a modern technique to straighten teeth without the hassle of traditional metal wires. Invisalign® is a transparent, removable device worn over your teeth for about 20 hours daily. Dr. Timothy Roney, DDS & Associates, is proud to be a general dentist providing this option for our patients.

This device makes it more convenient for you to eat, brush, and floss. It is also comfortable and easy to wear. Invisalign® is visually more appealing and will give you the confidence to straighten your teeth without the metal look.

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Simple and Easy Process

The process of getting Invisalign® is easy and convenient. It first begins with a consultation with your dentist. Once he or she determines if you are a candidate for the system, a model of your teeth will be created on the computer to ensure a step-by-step process to getting your teeth straight.

This allows you to see a visual representation of what your teeth can look like upon completion of treatment. A set of aligners is created every two weeks. Each aligner is made so your teeth are slightly straighter than the previous trays. The time and number of aligners worn differs depending on how straightforward you want your teeth.

Eliminates Problems of Traditional Braces

Choosing Invisalign® rids of most problems that traditional braces may cause. It reduces pain, discomfort, and mouth sores that you may endure from the metal brackets and wires. It also decreases your chances of tooth decay and plaque buildup from inadequate brushing and flossing.

At Dr. Timothy Roney DDS & Associates, we are dedicated to giving you a gorgeous smile. We practice emergency dentistry and smile correction, and our office is a relaxing environment that encourages open communication between you and our staff. We want you to feel comfortable, confident, and informed about your Invisalign experience.

Invisalign Treatment

We are proud to offer Invisalign in Shelby Township, MI. Invisalign is an invisible orthodontic treatment that straightens your teeth. Patients wear the aligner for up to 20 hours a day, and it serves the same purpose as braces without the hassle of wires, brackets, and rubber bands.

Benefits of Invisalign

Choosing to correct your smile with Invisalign in Shelby Township, MI, is a great decision. There are numerous benefits to Invisalign over standard metal bracket braces. Many patients opt for Invisalign because they are a convenient, modern alternative to braces.


Invisalign is a removable clear mouthpiece. There are no sharp wires or brackets that irritate the inside of your mouth. Pain associated with Invisalign is reportedly very mild. Mainly, patients experience temporary soreness when switching aligners.


Invisalign is known for its convenience. It is easy to pop in your mouth like a traditional clear retainer. Unlike braces, you can remove the clear mouthpiece any time you need. Maintenance appointments are also more relaxed and painless because no wire adjustments are involved. Overall, Invisalign is a more efficient choice for smile correction.


Invisalign aligners are easy to remove for cleaning and eating. Unlike braces, you do not have to worry about food getting stuck in your mouthpiece. You can brush and floss with ease. Your oral hygiene routines will remain as simple as they were before Invisalign, and your mouth will stay healthy and hygienic through Invisalign treatment.


Invisalign treatment typically spans far less time than braces do. Patients can complete treatment in as little as six months. Fewer maintenance appointments are required, so your schedule will not revolve around your smile correction treatments.

How Invisalign Works

The treatment course for Invisalign in Shelby Township, MI, is simple. We start by getting a 3D scan of your mouth to shape your mouthpiece appropriately. The Invisalign aligner gently moves your teeth into straight positions over the treatment period.

First, we create the plastic mouthpiece based on a scan of your smile. We then fit the voice, ensuring it is comfortable to wear. After this, you must ensure you wear the aligner each day!

We periodically check on your teeth every few months to see how your treatment is going. We can adjust your aligner if or when required, but this is usually unnecessary. You will complete your designated treatment length and come for a final appointment to record results and discuss post-treatment. Retainers are required to maintain results.

Congratulations on your beautiful new smile! You will receive a clear plastic retainer to keep your smile in shape and must wear this to prevent your teeth from shifting after Invisalign treatment.

Important Things to Know Before Invisalign

While Invisalign in Shelby Township, MI, is a convenient, effective smile correction treatment, you should consider some key points first. We are here to give you the facts to consider before choosing Invisalign.

Aligners Must Be on All Day

Your Invisalign aligners shift your teeth to the correct positions. One of the reasons the system provides such efficient results is that users wear them most of the day. The sacrifice for fast smile correction is the length of wear. We recommend keeping your aligners in for at least 22 hours per day. This gives you enough time to eat, drink, and go through your oral hygiene routine. The longer your aligners are in, the quicker your teeth will shift.

More Daily Dental Care

Invisalign is a clear plastic mouthpiece. This means they will stain if you wear your aligners immediately after eating and drinking. It would be best to brush your teeth between every meal and snack. We recommend setting aside blocks after each dinner to brush your teeth. This will add more time to your daily dental care. It’s also a good idea to keep a few toothbrushes on hand if you’re out of the house and need to clean your teeth after eating or for whatever reason.

Treatment Length Varies

The length of Invisalign treatment varies per person. You may know someone who had their customized set completed in three months. Perhaps another friend had to wear their aligners for a year.  We assess the current state of your teeth to determine how long you will need Invisalign. More teeth alignment issues will mean a more prolonged treatment plan. Most patients have their aligners for no longer than a year.

Choose a Quality Provider

Choosing a dental provider with experience with Invisalign in Shelby Township, MI is important. A great provider makes your experience pleasant. Dr. Timothy Roney has extensive experience in treating dental patients. He is excellent at working with your unique oral needs. You will walk out of your treatment with a gorgeous smile!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Invisalign clear tray aligners are designed to be convenient and discreet. You must set aside a little extra time for brushing and cleaning, but that’s it! You can go about the rest of your daily activities as usual.

Each patient has unique dental needs. Your insurance may or may not cover Invisalign treatment. The cost of your Invisalign treatment will depend on our assessment of your teeth. We will discuss this with you during your consultation.

We have an extensive history of patient testimonials to affirm our quality of service. We pride ourselves on creating a comforting atmosphere while treating patients. Any dental questions and concerns are welcome at our practice!

We thank you for considering us as your Invisalign provider! We welcome first-time patients with open arms. We have a few options for scheduling appointments; you can call our office or schedule an appointment online.

We look forward to seeing you!

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