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Shelby Township, MI

Dr. Roney and his Team specialize in making EVERY patient their #1 priority! Our practice provides comfort and relaxation with Sedation Dentistry. Along with his extensive knowledge of Dentures, Bridges, and Partials, Dr. Roney can give you “teeth in a day” with the latest and greatest implant technology.

For over 21 years, Timothy D. Roney, DDS has been providing his patients with the best possible oral health care available today. He has proudly served the Shelby Township community for 8 years.

Timothy D. Roney D.D.S. and Associates specialize in beautifying smiles, maintaining your dental health, and helping you improve your appearance. Our experienced and friendly staff takes great pride in keeping your smile beautiful. Our promise to you is that the veneers, fillings, crowns, and bridges we create will look as good as or better than the teeth nature gave you. To make sure we keep that promise, the products we recommend and use are of the highest quality and incredibly durable. You can trust your smile with us!

Our office has been visiting Activity and Senior Centers for several years. Because of the growing concern of Periodontal Disease and other gum diseases, Dr. Roney answers questions regarding these conditions and their interactions with Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Heart and Kidney Disease, etc. He has found many people, of all ages, who simply don’t know where to go to address these issues.

Dr. Roney was also a contributing author in the book “Oral Health and Systemic Disease Connection”.

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– Jim H
“Folks, I cannot recommend Dr. Roney and his Team any higher than GREAT! You can tell that the Team was hired by Dr. Roney. Every single Team Mate mirrors his comforting and sincere personality and professionalism! It is actually fun to go there! Sincerely offered…….”