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Welcome to the Shelby Township Dental Office of Dr. Timothy Roney & Associates!

Dr. Timothy Roney, Shelby Charter Township dentist, is committed to providing you with excellent dentistry in a comfortable environment. You deserve a skilled, experienced dental team that can help you ensure great oral health. Experience what patient-centered care can do for you. We welcome new patients of all ages.

Shelby Township Family Dentist Providing Individualized Dental Care for Each Individual Family Member

Your dental care experience is fully personalized at Timothy Roney D.D.S. & Associates. We’re ready to cater to all of your family’s dental needs. Our friendly, knowledgeable team, and caring Shelby Charter Township team practices comfortable, health-centered dentistry with a strong emphasis on getting to know each patient and will address every question and concern. We are careful listeners and will explain beforehand what treatment is best for your individual needs. Your oral health needs, goals, and priorities are the focus of your customized treatment plan. We want to work with you to create the beautiful, healthy smile of your dreams.

Enjoy the Convenience of Comprehensive Dentistry

You are important to us. For your convenience, we provide a wide range of dental solutions in our local Shelby Charter Township location. Some of these options include sedation dentistry, dentures, Invisalign, dental implants, emergency same day services and cosmetic dentistry. If you require care from an outside specialist, we will refer you to one of our trusted colleagues.

Restore your missing tooth


Cosmetic dental procedures

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Implants Procedures

Dental Implants

Teeth Whitening Procedures

Teeth Whitening

General Dental Checkup

General Checkup

Emergency Dental Service

If you’re experiencing pain or need emergency dental services in Shelby Township, call Dr. Timothy Roney DDS & Associates to make an emergency appointment. Our Dental Office provides emergency same day treatment for root canals, crowns, fillings, & teeth extractions for pain relief and restoration of your oral health back to normal. We are happy to serve current and new patients alike; our practice is able to accommodate walk-in appointments as well as same day ones, although next-day appointments may periodically be necessary if one cannot be secured immediately.

Family Dentistry

Dr. Timothy Roney, DDS and his staff have extensive experience working with both adults and children as one of the top family dentist in Shelby Township. We understand that these two groups have different needs and we address them all, providing only the highest quality preventative maintenance.

Dr. Timothy Roney

Dr. Timothy Roney DDS – Dentist at Shelby Township, MI Dental Office

Meet Dr. Timothy Roney

Sedation Dentist in Shelby Township

At Timothy Roney D.D.S. & Associates, we provide you with the preventive and restorative care you need without having to take off work or school. It’s just another way we show our patients how much we care. We always strive to find an appointment at the time that works best for you.
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