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Oral Sedation FAQ

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Frequently asked questions about oral sedation

What are the specific and realistic effects of avoiding the dentist?

Avoiding the dentist can have a negative impact on your oral health as well as your overall health. Ignoring dental cleanings and even worse, toothaches, can cause infection and possibly causing the loss of a tooth. Dental health has also been linked in multiple studies to your overall health.

Are there any side effects to the sedation used?

Most patients do not experience any side effects however feeling groggy and not remember much of your appointment is normal. We will discuss other side effects and what to expect at your consultation.

What sedation is used in sedation dentistry? Is there a variety of possible sedation methods or just one?

There are a few different methods available, however, we use the pill form of conscious sedation. No needle, no IV and you are awake but drowsy through your appointment.

What experience does Dr. Roney have in sedation dentistry?

Dr. Roney is certified and highly trained in sedation dentistry. He has over twenty years of experience with fearful and anxious patients.

Are there fearful patients that sedation dentistry might not be right for?

While sedation dentistry is a great way for fearful and anxious patients to get the dental work they need, there are rare occurrences where certain patients might want to choose other routes. Every patient and situation is evaluated and this concern can be discussed at your consultation.

Are there other alternatives to sedation dentistry?

Another alternative is nitrous, or, laughing gas. This is a safe and proven way to relax a patient but is not near as effective for those who are very fearful or anxious.

Is sedation dentistry safe?

Sedation dentistry is absolutely safe. Every patient’s medical history is taken into consideration before receiving the medication.

Does sedation dentistry make you fall asleep?

The method of sedation dentistry used in our office is “conscious sedation.” While you will be extremely drowsy, you will still be able to respond to questions and commands when necessary.

Will I feel any pain?

You will not experience pain! While you are still conscious, you will be completely relaxed and have a pain free experience.

I believe sedation dentistry works, but will it work for me?

Every patient is different. The success rate for sedation dentistry is very high and we take every patient’s medical history and concerns into consideration.

Will I be able to drive after my appointment?

No-it will be required that you have someone to drive you to and from the appointment.

I have a terrible gag reflex. Does sedation dentistry help with gagging?

Yes! Sedation dentistry is a great solution for a severe gag reflex.

I also fear the unknown. What will my visit be like?

At your consultation we go over your sedation dentistry appointment in detail-you will know what to expect every step of the way.

How much dental work can I have performed during a sedation dentistry visit?

This is determined on a patient by patient basis.

How do I know if I need dental sedation?

If you are fearful, anxious or need extensive work done, sedation dentistry could be right for you.

I have general anxiety about going to the dentist. Is sedation dentistry
right for me?

Sedation dentistry could be a good choice for you. Sometimes less intense methods, such as nitrous, are used for general anxiety versus severe anxiety. This is something to discuss at your consultation.