Shelby Township, MI

Dental Dictionary Words beginning with the Letter “L”

laminate veneer – thin material, generally tooth-colored, used to cover the front of a healthy tooth to restore the appearance from discoloration, damage, misalignment, or other such cosmetic issues

laughing gas – common term used for nitrous oxide, an odorless gas that produces a mild sedative effect when inhaled

lesion – tissue injury, generally due to trauma, infection, or illness

ligation – the process of attaching an archwire to braces in orthodontic treatment

ligature – thin wire used to hold the archwire in the bracket in orthodontic treatment

lingual – refers to the area or surface on or around the tongue, opposite of facial

lip bumper – archwire attached to a piece of molded plastic, holds back molars of the lower jaw to provide more space for the other teeth

local anesthesia – medication used to block nerve impulses to provide partial or complete elimination of pain during treatment

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Shelby Township, MI